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Waze is the Most Useful Free Application In Use

 Waze is the Most Useful Free Application In Use


WAZE is the coolest and the most useful application on the market. It’s free and does just what I dreamed and app would accomplish. Don’t you love receiving traffic updates, Gas buddy, police traps parked on the road, and road hazards. The turn-by-turn real time navigation also posts the speed of travel so you can easily see how traffic is following. Isn’t it nice to receive an occasional “Hello” from your fellow commuter by some sort of instant messenger.

Our phones are getting smarter and smarter with the use of GPS tracking. The only thing that can stop you now is a cloudy dark day without a signal in the sky. Don’t laugh because I encountered this problem a few weeks ago.

Waze works like a navigation system, but your fellow commuters provide information in real time as it happens. Some information is collect from other drives to provide you with waze the smooth ride to your destination. Any problems on the road Waze gives you the option of another route based on all the information that’s being calculated.

Does the app look a little like cartoon fun, the answer is yes but who cares. The app looks a bit cartoonish with Mario ghost-looking characters sporting happy and sad faces depending on their mood, but the interface is clean. It shows time and distance to destination, as well as upcoming interchanges and turns.

Waze’s pot of gold is its ability to crowd source the flow of traffic by relying on drivers who are essentially on the scene, which means if you need to find the quickest way through a city it’s a done deal.

If you run into a traffic jam, a red line begins to follow behind your car’s avatar to let other drivers know that the traffic speed has changed. If you vehicle has stopped for any reason, you can take a picture of the action or the incident and upload it to the server. By helping, other drivers they intern help you to make a successful commute to work or a holiday vacation.

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